full-scale manufacturing

Full-scale manufacturing of Nippon Tokushukan, which is the integration of development & production & thorough quality management of various metal precision tubes, makes it possible to manufacture high quality products with great reputation from domestic& global companies.

  • Development

    Strive for further research& development and Pursuit of infinite possibility.

  • Quality

    Satisfy customers’ complex needs in the highest quality management.

  • Productivity

    Supply products in unique tech and through quality management.

  • Products

    Products are gathering of advanced tech, highly evaluated and greatly reliable.




Nippon Tokushukan strives for consistently retaining the highest level of Technical and quality management. Nippon Tokushukan is a professional micro-tube-manufacturing company with firm trust and great reputation from domestic and foreign companies.


From its founding in 1952, Nippon Tokushukan has been sincerely dedicated to the manufacturing. Nippon Tokushukan is only one professional company manufacturing & processing various metal of super-micro capillary tubes, capillary tubes and special-shaped tubes

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