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Business Overview

Research and Development

Strive for further research& development and Pursuit of infinite possibility

Challenge for advanced
technology & brand-new fields

Nippon Tokushukan not just pursuit infinite possibility but always admire every meeting of people and companies. Nippon Tokushukan encourages participation in a lot of exhibitions, cooperation projects between business & universities and various research with other industry companies

Quality Control

Nippon Tokushukan is always retaining the highest quality management to satisfy customers’ complex needs

What is “quality” of Nippon Tokushukan’s pipe production? The “quality” means Nippon Tokushukan keeps on meeting customers’ satisfaction.

Nippon Tokushukan not only possesses various testing machine and inspection equipment, such as, submicron dimension analyzer for OD inspection; each micron pin gages for ID inspection.But all the staffs of Nippon Tokushukan make the best effort to pursue by far the highest quality level and advance customers’ satisfaction level.
Nippon Tokushukan strives to improve the quality assurance by sharing information of quality problems& requests and setting the yearly quality assurance enhancement guidelines.At the same time, Nippon Tokushukan make a proper quality management control for not excessive quality, accurately comprehending specs needs.Its suggestion for considering customers’ side builds up and deepens Win-Win relationships.

Nippon tokushukan can support the growth of human technology through our advanced tech& quality’s contribution to our customers.It is a driving force (motivation) to our manufacturing products.

Production Equipment:
SEM/EDX(Scanning Electron Microscope/Energy Dispersive X-ray spectrometry)
Laser Microscope
Metallographic & Metallurgical Microscope
Stereoscopic Microscope
Vision Measuring Machine
Universal Testing Machine
Hardness Tester
Roughness Meter
Oil Content Meter
Analytical Balance
Insulation Tester

Production Control

Nippon Tokushukan provides exceptional quality products in advanced distinctive tech and thorough quality management.


Nippon Tokushukan’s products have an outstanding evaluation and reliability, fabricated by the unit of elaborate drawing and processing tech.

Electrode tubes

NT Super 1 and NT Super 8, which is manufactured by the use of every 1μm dice& plug, surely maximizes the capability of EDM Drill machine and make possible the highly fine processing.

Precision pips for contact probes

Contact probes is used for testing PCB and various kind of semiconductors. They are demanded for much smaller sizes and high performance according to downsizing of IC. Micro precision tube of “NITTOKUKAN” helps to improve performance of contact probes with its dimensional accuracy, smoothness of surfaces, and electric property

Metal ferrule

42 Alloy (Fe-Ni alloy) has the characteristic of low-thermal expansion, often used for holding optical fiber (ferrule). 42 alloy is one of difficult-machining material, we precedingly established technology of drawing 42 Alloy tube, and machining process, and supply for optical device manufacturers all over the world.

Fine processing products

Nippon Tokushukan has established tech of precisely processing difficult-to-cut material as well as copper alloy through endless highly R&D seeks. Connecting fine processing tech with drawing tech, Nippon Tokushukan make it possible to satisfy broad customers’ needs in various fields.

Capillary Tubes (Coil)

Coils are used for fire alarms (Fire prevention pipes) for which straight pipes cannot be used and which is covering a wide range of buildings such as shrines, temples, factories, and gymnasiums. We have established a drawing technology using floating plugs and we can maintain high quality precision.

Capillary Tubes

Capillary tubes used in refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. are used as functional parts, so high precision and high quality are required.We conduct eddy current flaw testing to ensure that we do not miss any scratches on the outer and inner surfaces.We also use a high-precision flow rate tester to thoroughly control the flow rate of gas that affects refrigeration capacity.