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From its founding in October 1952, Nippon Tokushukan has been a leading company specialized in manufacturing micro precision metal tubes. Nippon Tokushukan has been intensely dedicated to the manufacturing.
By the highly developed core technology of pipe drawing, fine cutting and processing, Nippon Tokushukan fabricates products in the most exceptional quality and competitive lead-time. As a consequence, Nippon Tokushukan has a firm trust and great reputation from national and overseas companies
Even though the world has been greatly changing since its establishment, Nippon Tokushukan’s products are utilized by its customers in the various industrial fields. Nippon Tokushukan believes it’s owing to the support and patronage from its customers. Nippon Tokushukan sincerely appreciate for the support and patronage.
Nippon Tokushukan has a great willingness of challenge or sincere devotion to the manufacturing, and would like to satisfy the broad customers’ needs. Nippon Tokushukan look forward to the continued support and patronage from its customers.

President Toshihiro Uemura

Corporate Profile

Company Name Nippon Tokushukan MFG.Co.,Ltd.
President Toshihiro Uemura
Head Office& Factories
2-3625 Saijo-cho, Tondabayasi-city,Osaka 584-0015 Japan MAP
(+81)-721-98-2122 (Administration Dep.)
(+81)-721-98-2121(Sales Dep.)
(+81)-721-98-1188(Production & Engineering Dep.)
(+81)-721-98-3402(Administration & Sales Dep.)
(+81)-721-98-1769(Production & Engineering Dep.)
Tokyo branch office
Kinoshige bldg. 1-10-3 Iwamotocho,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 101-0032 MAP
Business Area Production&sales for metal tubes
Business related to the previous clause
Capital 100 million JPY
Foundation October 22, 1952
Total site area 34,473㎡
Total building area 13,848㎡
Employees 146
Business items Micro capillary tube ,Capillary pipe, Special shaped pipe, Special processed pipe
Materials Copper, Brass, Phosphor Bronze, Beryllium copper Gold-clad, Nickel, Noble metals, Titanium, Stainless, Cupronickel, Copper-Silver alloy, Nickel Silver, Permalloy, Tungsten, Others
For Applications Contact Probe, EDM Electrode tube , optical communication device, micro heat pipe, Ear thermometer, Coaxial cable, Communication device, Fire alarm, Room air-conditioner, Industrial air-conditioner, Thermostat, Refrigerator, Freezing machine compressor, Oil heater, Gas equipment, Solderless connector, Automobile, Oil cooler, Dehumidifier, Showcase, Expansion valve, freezer, other instruments& pipework
Manufacturing equipment Pipe-drawing machine, Multifunctional pipe-straightening machine, Pipe tidily-winding machine, Pipe cutting-chamfering machine, Vacuum annealing furnace, Ultrasonic precisely cleaning-pipe edge processing machine, Surface roughness meter, Micro hardness tester, Scanning electron microscope


Uemura Masao founded Nippon Tokushukan Seisakusho in Matsubara city, Osaka and started to manufacture non-iron metal pipes.
Completed long copper capillary tubes for fire alarms for the first time in Japan
Succeeded in developing copper capillary tubes for refrigerators and later for Air conditioners.
The copper capillary tubes became our main products.
Established Tokyo sales office (Chuo Ward)
Started manufacturing stainless tubes for disposable injection needles, becoming widespread all over the world. Had about 50% of market share at the peak.
Built a new factory in Tondabayashi city, Osaka and installed some cutting-edge equipment with high productivity like drawing machine on the expansion of business.
Built second and third factory in Tondabayashi city, Osaka.
Relocated the headquarters to Tondabayashi city, Osaka.
Started developing super-micro capillary tubes and manufacturing for electrode tube or Contact probe.
Isao Uemura became President of the company.
Achieved the development of the smallest tube of ODΦ0.08mm in the world
Renovated the third factory for production enhancement to super-micro capillary tubes.
50th Anniversary
Attended an overseas (Chinese) exhibition for the first time and began in earnest breaking into the global market.
Attained development of the super-micro capillary tube of ODΦ0.108mm for Contact probe
Accomplished development of the smallest stainless tube of ODΦ 0.05mm in the world
Started mass production of thin wall tubes for heat pipe of smartphone.
Toshihiro Uemura became the president of the company

Quality policy

As a manufacturer of capillary tubes and ultra-capillary tubes, NipponTokushukan Mfg Co., Ltd strongly recognize the importance of ensuring quality that satisfies our customers.

  • 1. To meet our social responsibility by complying with laws, regulations, and contracts with customers.
  • 2. To contribute to society by providing quality products that customers can trust.
  • 3. To strive to provide customers with reliable products that meet the needs of requirements.
  • 4. To work on 5S activities thoroughly for fulfilling employee health and a comfortable working environment.
  • 5. All employees are continuously conscious of manufacturing products that satisfy customers and strive to improve their skills and abilities.
  • 6. To standardize, periodically audit, review, and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.
  • 7. To provide appropriate training to all our employees thoroughly to understand and act for this policy.