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Bronze is an alloy that has been used for a long time, but the history of phosphor bronze is relatively new, and it is said that it was first used for casting cannons in the mid-19th century. Ordinary tin bronze needs phosphorus as a deoxidizing agent during melt casting, but actually only a small amount of phosphorus remains in the alloy. In melt casting process, if the amount of phosphorus added is increased slightly so that the amount of phosphorus contained in the alloy is about 0.05 to 0.5%, the flow of molten metal will be improved and at the same time the strength and toughness will be enhanced. Then, Wear resistance and corrosion resistance are intensified. Such an alloy with resistance is called phosphor bronze.


Gears, Cams, Joints, Shafts, Bearings, Machine Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Sliding Parts, Connectors, Trolley Wire Hangers, Coil Springs, Spiral Springs, Snap Buttons, Electrical Binding Wires, Wire Mesh, Header Materials, Washers, Contact Probe, Pressure Gauge (Bourdon Tube), etc.

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