Material:C1020 (Oxygen-Free Copper), C1220 (Phosphorus Deoxidized Copper),

Manufacturing range

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C1020 (Oxygen-Free Copper), C1220 (Phosphorus Deoxidized Copper), C1011 (Oxygen-Free Copper for Electron Tubes)


Copper has been closely related to humankind since ancient times, and it can be said that copper is the most important metal material after iron even today. At present copper is mostly used for the wiring, parts, circuits, etc. of electric appliances in all fields including the manufacturing industry. This is because copper has a higher electrical conductivity than other metals, and the cost is significantly lower compared to the metals (such as silver) that have an electrical conductivity higher than that of copper. Copper is also used as an international standard for measuring the electrical conductivity of other metals. Copper is one of the few single metals that can be seen in the form of copper wire or copper plate in the daily life.

For applications

Fire alarm (Air pipe / Fire Prevention Pipe), Refrigerator (Capillary Tube / Valve), Air Conditioner (Capillary Tube / Expansion Valve / Flow-Dividing Pipe / Joint Pipe), Beverage Vending Machine, Ice Machine, Dehumidifier, Thermostat, Oil Fan Heater (Oil Feed Pipe), Table Stove, Thermometer, CO2 Water Heater, Fishing Parts, Beer Server, Environmental Testing Machine, Ear Thermometer (Waveguide), EDM Tube, Copper Sleeve Crimp Terminal for Wire Fuses, Heat Pipe, Semi-Rigid Cables, Contraceptive Parts

Chemical Components

Mechanical Property