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It was realized that the steel made from an ore of a Swedish mine was not rusty. When it was analyzed, it contained 9% chromium. The reproduction of it was the first stainless steel. Later, the chromium content in it was increased and a more rust-resistant alloy was created. Stainless steel is highly rust-resistant because the chromium contained in it bonds with oxygen in the air to form a passivation film on the surface. Therefore, even though it is not plated or painted for rust-resistance, it can be used outdoors, in humid places and for the part of machinery that handles chemicals or kitchen equipment. During World War II, it was used for the blades of military swords (especially the Navy Swords) due to its rust resistance.


Food Equipment, Chemical Equipment, Nuclear Power, Oil Burner Parts, Household Appliances, Home Appliance Parts, Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment (Mass Flow Controller etc.), Optical Communication Equipment, Medical Device, Endoscope, Vacuum Equipment, Suction Nozzle , Dispenser Nozzles, Gas Chromatography, Dental Equipment, Sensors, Electronic Components, Mountaineering instruments, etc.

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