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It is a nickel-chromium-iron-molybdenum alloy that possesses exceptional corrosion resistance and high-temprature strength. It is a precipitation hardening Nickel-based alloy and classified at the chemical components ratio into C, G, N, S,W and so on. It is mainly sutable for corrosive environment or high-temperature environment but not for construcion materials because it does not possess any special strengths of phisical strength, creep strength or fatigue strength. Even though it is generally used and becomes a general alloy name, it is basically the brand name from Haynes International Inc. Threfore, we make use of MA-22(named by Hitachi Kinzoku) similar to Hastelloy C-22.


Payper Industry, Refining for chemical products, Industrial waste treatment, Nuclear fuel reprocessing plant,Petrochemical industry, Products with corrosion or heat resistance

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