Privacy Policy

Nippon Tokushukan MFG.Co.,Ltd (hereinafter is Nippon Tokushukan) is committed to respecting your privacy. Nippon Tokushukan recognizes it is important how Nippon Tokushukan observes the information we receive from you on the internet. Nippon Tokushukan will follow the information privacy law. In order to prevent information leakage, abuse and manipulation Nippon Tokushukan sets up and complies with the following rules



The Purpose of Using Personal Information

Nippon Tokushukan only uses the personal information you provided for offering you its products, service and related information. Or Nippon Tokushukan uses the information for improving its products and service.

Personal Information on Our Website

Nippon Tokushukan may use personal information through its website for responding to your inquiries. Nippon Tokushukan stores non-personally identifiable information such as browsing data. The information is used for marketing research such as trend analysis, and for making its website better.

Utilization of Personal Information

Nippon Tokushukan use the personal information you provided only for the above mentioned purpose. Nippon Tokushukan will never use it for other purpose.

Provision of Personal Information to External Persons and Organizations

Nippon Tokushukan will never provide any personal information to external persons and organizations. But it is except the following cases:

  • The case of receiving your agreement
  • The case of converting its information into Non-PII data as statistics
  • The case of providing its information to outsourcing companies (sales agents or logistics companies) for the above mentioned purpose
  • The case of being required to disclose its information by law and so on

Safety Measures

Nippon Tokushukan are constantly striving to safely manage any personal information of the customers. Nippon Tokushukan takes rational and proper measures against the risks such as unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsifying and leakage, etc. of the personal information

Revision to this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be revised from time to time. Please confirm it regularly.