Drawing Technology#01

Nippon Tokushukan has established a tech of manufacturing super-micro capillary tubes with fine dimension, good roundness and smooth inner roughness through the continuous great self-improvement of drawing process.We make it possible to manufacture
OD:Φ0.05mm x ID:Φ0.03mm
at present.
※ By making plug and dies by itself, Nippon Tokushukan can promptly and flexibly satisfy customers’ requested size.

Plug-Drawing Technology

The below photos show the difference of inner roughness between plug drawing and non-plug drawing.
The left photo shows the inner roughness in the conditions of plug drawing Nippon Tokushukan has implemented since 1960.The right photo shows the inner roughness in the conditions of non-plug drawing generally utilized for manufacturing capillary tubes until now.Non-plug drawing is not a method of controlling inner dimension and preventing roughness of inner surface and as a consequence, there happens size spec non-satisfaction and inner roughness & roundness deterioration.Nippon Tokushukan’s plug drawing with fine plug& dies can achieve its controlling and preventing.Nippon Tokushukan has fabricated dies and plugs in the meticulous management since 1965 and now creates and utilizes even the floating plug for ID:Φ0.08mm. It is owing to endless thorough management of making plug and dies on Nippon Tokushkan’s own since 1965.By creating dies and plugs by itself, Nippon Tokushukan can promptly deliver all requested size of super-micro capillary tubes.

Non-Plug drawing

Drawing Tech(Cold Drawing)

Nippon Tokushukan’s products are utilized for various industrial applications like Heat pipe, medical equipment, contact probe and semiconductor manufacturing device etc, satisfying broad customer needs. Nippon Tokushukan can stably supply high quality fine tubes because of drawing technology developed since its founding.

Micro tubes with Smooth inner surface

Nippon Tokushukan can manufacture IDΦ0.1mm pipes with smooth inner surface to satisfy the customer needs for high quality micro tubes.

Speedy Mass Production

Nippon Tokushukan can manufacture mass of high quality products in short lead time to satisfy the customer needs for speedy mass production.

Improvement of Inner Roughness

Nippon Tokushukan can stably supply pipes with Ra0.1μm below inner roughness by cold drawing to satisfy the customer needs for smooth inner roughness pipes.

Drawing Technologies